Best Practices For Hybrid Cloud Deployment
Posted by De Nnochiri on July 17, 2020

If you’ve ever thought about investing in an enterprise-wide hybrid cloud, then you know its numerous advantages. First and utmost, it allows consolidating your workloads without cutting off resources or compromising application performance. This being said, many organizations still get cold feet when deciding to move to a hybrid cloud. What is behind these fears and why is it worth deploying a hybrid cloud?


Update your Azure DNS automatically when you have a dynamic public IP
Posted by Florent Appointaire on June 19, 2020
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A Dynamic DNS service is indispensable if you want to host website or application on a server with a dynamic public IP address. But how to keep your public DNS with the last IP and create a @ record that points to a CNAME with Azure DNS in this case?


Azure Policy Overview
Posted by Nicolas Prigent on May 8, 2020

If you need to create, assign, and manage policies across your organization, you can’t do without Azure Policy. Thanks to this service, you can perform various tasks on your resources and don’t worry about their compatibility with your corporate standards and service level agreements. So use Azure Policy and grow your business!

How Microsoft Azure Is Responding To COVID-19
Posted by De Nnochiri on April 24, 2020

The whole world is struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic and major cloud platform providers can’t stay away from this process. Microsoft Azure is at the forefront of the fight against the SARS-CoV-2 virus: it not only helps more and more people be connected and productive but also joins forces with medical startups to speed up the search for effective treatments for COVID-19. In what direction are these searches moving?


Azure Log Analytics: The agent had an unknown failure 2147942402
Posted by Florent Appointaire on April 10, 2020

Azure Log Analytics is always about the value and security of your data. That is why any unknown errors when working with a Log Analytics workspace can cause at least an unnecessary headache or, in the worst-case scenario, breach of data integrity. If the Azure Log Analytics agent had 2147942402 unknown failure and you don’t know what to do, then


Azure Logic App to Automate your workflows
Posted by Florent Appointaire on February 28, 2020

Is coding the only way to automate your workflows? Definitely, not. A cloud service like Azure Logic Apps helps you plan, automate, and coordinate workloads and processes without coding. This being said, you can integrate your applications, data or services between different enterprises. Get started to work with Azure Logic Apps right now! (more…)

[Azure] Calculate the cost to migrate your DC to Azure
Posted by Florent Appointaire on January 17, 2020

It should be unnecessary to say about the importance of calculating the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for your business once again. Only in this way you can determine a return on investment (ROI) and identify unobvious benefits. Microsoft released a tool that calculates TCO and thereby helps you evaluate cost savings by migrating workloads to Azure. Do you want to achieve accuracy and profitability in your IT infrastructure operation?


Connecting on-premises servers in Azure using Azure ARC (Preview)
Posted by Nicolas Prigent on December 13, 2019

Have you ever wanted to manage your on-prem servers into the Azure console? Then it is now a preview feature released during Microsoft Ignite 2019. You will be able to connect your servers (physical or virtual) into the Azure console, in order to manage them. It means that you will be able to use all the Azure features such as: Azure tags, Azure RBAC, security policies, …


[Azure] Protect your Azure WebApp with Let’s Encrypt
Posted by Florent Appointaire on November 29, 2019

Today, I had a question from one of my customers to protect an Azure WebApp with a certificate. Because it’s for a dev environment, the customer doesn’t want to pay for a certificate.


[Azure] Discovering of KeyVault
Posted by Florent Appointaire on October 21, 2019

For some months now, Microsoft has deployed on the Azure platform, Key Vault. This solution gives you the possibility to store, directly on Azure, your passwords, certificates, etc. and to generate/call them through API. Resources can be accessed from Azure Automation, Azure AD and from your custom applications.