Azure Logic App to Automate your workflows

Posted by Florent Appointaire on February 28, 2020

A new way to automate processes and so on, without coding, is to use Azure Logic App.

Logic App provides a designer, with a lot of templates/triggers. Create your first logic app and go on it. You should be able to see this:

Logic app

For example, here, we will monitor the Azure Status web page, and post a message in Teams, when an error appears on Azure.

The RSS feed to monitor is

We will start with a blank logic app. Search for RSS and click on When a feed item is published:

Search for RSS

Add the URL provided before and the check frequency:

Add the URL provided before

Now, add a new step, and search for Teams. Choose Post a message to teams and Sign in to your Teams account. Choose on which team you want to publish, on which channel and what is the content of the message:

Post a message to teams

Click on Save. You can click on Run to launch it directly. But here, because we don’t manage the RSS feed of Microsoft, we need to wait for the first error to check if it works fine.

On the first page, you’ll be able to see run history, the trigger, and some other information:

RSS feed of Microsoft

As you can see, it’s very easy to deploy a logic app and you it, to automate many things, without any programming languages knowledge.

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