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InfiniteCryptoStorage – A solution for Small Office/Home Office users who are concerned with keeping their private and critical data protected against physical damage, theft or falling victim to attacks such as viruses and ransomware. Introducing InfiniteCryptoStorage, a smart HDD with extended functionality including embedded Transparent Data Encryption via SATA or USB and built-in hardware snapshots capability. Our device operates in CDP (Continuous Data Protection) mode and keeps the entire ( or as configured ) history of changes stored on the user’s cloud provider of choice.


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About You

  • You are an individual or small business owner
  • You own confidential and/or sensitive data
  • You are constantly connected to the internet
  • You have no personal experience or a department in the field of digital data protection
  • You do not have an extensive budget for data protection solutions

Your Fears

  • Losing data due to viruses, malware and other malicious attacks
  • Losing critical business data

What You want

  • To securely store your data from all malicious threats
  • To not have to spend a fortune on a reliable data protection system


Nowadays we are constantly dealing with digital information and the threat of losing our data to viruses and extortion programs that can re-encode or destroy your data is every growing. The number of malware programs continue to increase every year and become smarter with time.

People are always connected to the Internet which significantly increases the probability of infection by viruses or malware. People are constantly looking for solutions to protect themselves from their confidential/sensitive data becoming vulnerable to malicious programs that penetrate the computers on which their data is located.

preview of problem(problem of using the Internet which increases the probability of infection by viruses or malware)

Not only can ransomware gain access to local storage but it can also penetrate public cloud solutions where you store your data. Once the attackers have access they can not only re-encrypt or destroy your data, they can also destroy the backups of your data. An internal information infrastructure capable of protecting your data from this kind of threat requires constant servicing by highly qualified specialists and services that guarantee the protection of your data come at a high cost. You could stick to the 3-2-1 (*) storage rule which increases the chances of saving at least some of the data but there is no guarantee. Even this type of solution for home or small office use can be just as expensive due to the requirement of copying data to an external source.

The loss of such data can be detrimental to business and can even be fatal in the case of customer databases, financial reporting and accounting.

(*) There must be at least three copies of your data on at least two different types of media and at least one must be offsite.


We offer an innovative solution which looks like a regular HDD/SSD with advanced extended functionality that can protect your data from any type of virus and malware.

By connecting to your computer internally or externally, our “smart hard drive” connects to the Internet and copies data to your cloud storage of choice and records the entire history of changes to your data. If the malware program corrupts the data on your computer, it can be completely restored from the backup.

preview of solution(our solution for protecting your data from viruses or malware by copying all changes of your data to cloud storage)

Thanks to cloud storage, the recorded history of changes to your data can be unlimited going back to the very start. Additionally, thanks to cryptography and data protection technologies, our solution renders your data inaccessible to ransomware and protects against malware programs. Your data can be quickly recovered from the cloud storage in case of infection or destruction of data on your computer.


Protect your critical data from viruses, malware and ransomware by storing an encrypted copy of all changes to your data in cloud storage.


Compared to software competitors who are:

  • OS (Operating System) built-in snapshot mechanisms (ReFS & VSS, ZFS etc.)
  • Backup applications with native public cloud support (Veeam Backup & Replication, Acronis etc.)
  • Data synchronization applications (DropBox, CloudBerryLab S3 Explorer etc.)
  • OS built-in or third-party transparent block-level data encryption services (BitLocker, VeraCrypt etc.)

We don’t expose the host to any snapshots, encryption and/or public cloud access APIs and we don’t have any encryption keys and/or public cloud credentials stored in host’s memory. That’s why we’re immune to any unauthorized access (spyware, phishing etc.) or malicious activities (ransomware, cryptoware etc.). Even if the host was compromised by spyware before being physically stolen, the user’s data cannot be decrypted afterwards, the encryption key cannot be sniffed so user’s sensitive data is not exposed! Additionally, even if there are infections or encryptions by ransomware to the host machine, the malicious software cannot traverse to the cloud and compromise the snapshots and changes history. The public cloud credentials cannot be intercepted and the user’s data can be restored from the cloud easily! 

Compared to hardware competitors who are:

  • SED (Self-Encrypting Disk) drives
  • SAN (Storage Area Network) and/or NAS (Network Attached Storage) boxes with similar functionality like hardware snapshots and/or public cloud integration

We not only encrypt the content like SED drives do, we also keep track of all the committed writes as well. So while SED drives are efficient against theft, they are useless against ransomware attacks. We on the other hand, effectively protect against both of these evils. We use unidirectional “one way” (e)SATA and/or USB uplink to the host. The majority of SAN and NAS boxes utilize standard Ethernet (*) so while it’s possible to compromise SAN and NAS devices ( usually using outdated Linux-based firmware ) with various exploits, there’s no way malicious software could break into our device.

(*) There are SAN boxes that attach to the host with SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) or FC (Fibre Channel) interface which are immune to Ethernet-related security issues but they are rare,  extremely expensive and targeted at Enterprises rather than the SOHO market segment.


At a high level, the device consists of a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) with an on-board ARM CPU running Linux-based firmware, pre-programmed FPGA for host-side SATA or USB connectivity, DRAM for code and data and an Ethernet port for cloud service uplink.

(how our specialist work on the project)

There’s a standard SD card slot with an SD card containing firmware and an on-board M.2 plug-in socket for persistent flash memory used for caching and up-to-date virtual disk image. The device can be mounted as either a standard internal 2.5” HDD or inside any external storage enclosure.

Technical specifications(technical specifications of the board)

Our specialists have performed extensive works in designing, prototyping, testing, programming and selecting the best solutions and over 400 components combined onto a 6 layer PCB. The result of these efforts can clearly be seen in the InfiniteCryptoStorage project – Infinite Space for your Cloud Hosted and Crypto Protected data!

(board dimensions)


In addition, the COW (Copy-On-Write) technology in our InfiniteCryptoStorage gives you the unique ability to store an unlimited history of your changing data providing the most reliable way to protect against malware and ransomware attacks. The unprecedented reliability of our solution is due to the complete absence of a software component. Everything is implemented at the hardware level and cannot be broken into.

Our InfiniteCryptoStorage uses the “Turn on and Forget” principle. To start our smart-HDD there is no long installation or hardware/software configuration. To end-users it’s like ordinary HDD, very simple to understand and connects to your computer or server requiring minimal configuration.

You can use our InfiniteCryptoStorage as a local data store with a copy in cloud storage or even without local storage. In any case, all information will be securely encrypted using AES-128 or AES-256 encryption. Encrypted data is sent via iSCSI (for internal networks and data storages) or S3 (for cloud storages) protocols, which provides unsurpassed reliability and flexibility in working with your data.


INFINITE SIZE – The presence of a network interface makes it possible to send all history of your changing data directly to the cloud or any other remote data storage service. This gives you the ability to increase the storage space size almost infinitely and without having to pay for expensive and complex server solutions.

vSAN and S2D – No other solution provider adds cloud data storage to VMware vSAN, Microsoft SS and S2D solutions as cold tier storage for your data! We can do this because InfiniteCryptoStorage is like an ordinary HDD for servers and operating systems.

MALWARE PROTECTION – Thanks to COW technology and full hardware snapshots, we can protect your information from any type of malware and ensure the system is recoverable from any workable point. You can have an infinite number of snapshots as the data is sent to cloud storage.


SATA HOST – A high-speed interface (up to 3 Gbps) ensures stable operation of the device and also gives you the unique ability to use our device in scenarios where it is not safe to use devices with a USB connection primarily due to security concerns e.g. banks, ATM terminals, video surveillance systems, medical, industrial or agricultural equipment etc. Moreover, with this type of connection, our device can be the primary and only solution for storing, encrypting and simultaneously sending data (or a part thereof) to long-term data cloud storage  (instead of an addition to devices with a USB connection that can be compromised).

CapEx -> OpEx – Thanks to our device you can transfer your Capital Expenses, for the costs of expensive equipment and specialists to securely store data, into Operating Expenses for the payment of cloud storage space required at any given time. You can imagine the massive cost and complexity of a storage system, for a CCTV camera, to store video data for a  year which is critically important for industries such as banking, brokerage or financial institutions.

Intel SoC Cyclone V, S3 protocol, USB connectionA unique FPGA provides extensive capabilities for real-time data encryption thanks to the real-time operating system developed by our engineers. No solution in the market has such a processor or operating system. The S3 protocol allows you to transfer data directly to the cloud data store without any additional Virtual Machines or software on the client side nor on the cloud storage side. The option of connecting to a computer, server or any other device via USB makes it even more versatile and creates new use cases scenarios.


Our engineers, programmers, and testers underwent a massive amount of effort to achieve the result  presented as the InfiniteCryptoStorage project:

History of product development

  1. The very first board was designed without being bound to any form factor, it had low memory and low speed.
  2. The second generation was larger because it had more memory, more power-chips as well as two LAN ports and was also not bound to a form factor.
  3. The third board was built to 3.5″ form-factor and had a more powerful FPGA and our own RTOS.
  4. The fourth board (the AcloudA project) was a completely working board with a powerful FPGA, our own RTOS supporting the iSCSI protocol, SATA port and 1Gbps RJ45 LAN.
  5. Finally, the InfiniteCryptoStorage board is built to a 2.5″ form-factor, has the most powerful FPGA ever (Altera Cyclone V), up to 1Gb of RAM, mSATA host for connected drives, runs on our own RTOS supporting S3 and iSCSI protocols and consumes only 3W of power.


The early bird perks offer from 12% to 28% Discount on the final retail price:

Infinite Crypto Storage                                  $159-199 (36-20% off)


Ready to use for the most common use cases – our board without local storage for attaching manually any mSATA you wish (up to 1024 Gb), which provides you to an ability to send all your encrypted data directly to the cloud storage service of choice for a more reliable and secure backup of your data.



Infinite Crypto Storage 64Gb                        $269 (12% off)


Ready to use for most common use cases, our board with mSATA 64 Gb on board gives you to the ability to save your encrypted data on board (locally) and at the same time send changes (or part of all your data) directly to the cloud storage service of choice for a more reliable and secure backup of your data.



Infinite Crypto Storage 128Gb                      $299 (11% off)


Ready to use for most common use cases, our board with mSATA 128 Gb on board gives you to the ability to save your encrypted data on board (locally) and at the same time send changes (or part of all your data) directly to the cloud storage service of choice for a more reliable and secure backup of your data.



Infinite Crypto Storage 512Gb                      $539 (10% off)


Ready to use for most common use cases, our board with mSATA 512 Gb on board gives you to the ability to save your encrypted data on board (locally) and at the same time send changes (or part of all your data) directly to the cloud storage service of choice for a more reliable and secure backup of your data.



Special Offer (Exclusive Trip)                               $4999 (28% off)


Two of our InfiniteCryproStorage (128 Gb) and an exclusive a day trip to Kyiv (tickets to Kyiv, hotel, national food, and accommodation included) where you will be able to meet our team and ask questions about our solutions in person.






TimeLine of project- march 2019


AcloudA Team OK

The main idea behind the AcloudA project came about in 2015 by entrepreneur and investor Sergey Naydon (mostly known for Disk Soft and DAEMON Tools) and Vyacheslav Ovsienko, a developer of in-built systems as well as the programming and usage of FPGA and RTOS.

The AcloudA project was created with one main goal; to create a flexible and reliable device for simplifying the process of protecting data from malware and ransomware programs which was accessible to people all around the world.

The market demand for such solutions by small businesses and individuals validates that we’ve moved in the right direction in the development of the first generation of our device.

Great results cannot be accomplish by an individual alone, which is why our team is made up of technology addicts, geeks, marketers and design wizards. We are AcloudA, and it’s great to meet you!

The AcloudA team is supported by a large network of talented people, while we cannot mention all of them, we wanted to at least name a few.


As with any hardware project, there are some risks and challenges. We are currently at the end of the prototyping phase of the development process. We have already manufactured the first prototype and nearing the completion of the second version. In the coming months, we plan on finalizing the hardware and moving on to coding the RTOS and features of the device, testing and applications.

The AcloudA team has a combined experience of over 50 years in the IT hardware and software industry. Together with our partners, we are confident that we can meet the project delivery timelines. Of course, it is possible that unexpected delays can occur due to manufacturing issues, component shortages and other unforeseen challenges.


Ahsan Khan (Canada)

I believe your idea is good for people mainly because right now no one in the market is making a physical device that is small factor and can be embedded into servers to talk to cloud storage. Right now to get around it be use virtual appliance to present local storage for cache and tie backend to cloud. Your product will help customer understand storage needed and be able to save money by utilizing cheaper cloud storage onsite.

Peter Harman (USA)

We are in the process of building a new HA server and working on backup solutions and I think your card would be useful in both cases. Our current servers boot from drives in the box and I trust our network stores far more than the internal hard drives.

Sebastian Hegarty (Australia)

This is amazing, I have been dreaming of this exact device for so long, good to see someone has finally produced it.

Russell Hurren (Australia)

I’m interested in this as an alternative to AWS Storage Gateway, which has large RAM requirements on the host server.

Vladan Seget (blogger)

Their hardware device replaces spinning media in your server by connecting to remote storage in a public or private cloud, via an iSCSI or SMB3 protocol. The server, which can run any OS, sees it as a local disk.


Presentation from Tech Field Day 2017


Who are your main customers?

We provide solutions to people who like innovations and want to protect their data in a simple and cost effective way. We cater to individuals and small businesses and also look to working with large enterprise and corporations in the future.

What type of LAN port  does InfiniteCryptoStorage have?

The InfiniteCryptoStorage has a 1Gbps RJ45 network port.

How can Small Businesses save money using your solution?

The most common question from business large and small  is “How do we reduce Capital Expenses and turn it into Operation Expenses instead?” Our solution is the answer to this question.  Using InfiniteCryptoStorage, you will only pay for space used by the cloud storage at any given time without having to purchase expensive Data Servers or other solutions for the future as you can simply increase storage space size as required.

What are the operating system requirements?

There are no system requirements for our device because it interfaces and operates like an ordinary HDD in any system or server. All that is required is a SATA connection on your system and an internet connection for sending changes to you data to the cloud storage.

In what cases can we use InfiniteCryproStorage where other solutions cannot work?

InfiniteCryproStorage can be used in all cases where your equipment does not provide the ability to install software or connect USB devices for securing and/or transferring data to cloud/remote data storage.

Why should I choose InfiniteCryptoStorage instead of software programs to protect myself from malware?

Because it’s only matter of time until malware creators obtain complete access to antivirus programs’ source code and can overcome any software protection and re-encrypt or destroy your data and backups.

Why do I need snapshots and why it can’t be done by software?

Because only in this way will you have full protection over any kind of malware program. Software used for creating snapshots or backups are also vulnerable to infection.

What type of SATA port does InfiniteCryptoStorage have?

InfiniteCryptoStorage has a SATA2 (3Gbps) port.

How can I ask you another Questions about the InfiniteCryptoStorage project?

You can reach out to our team by Telegram Channel Telegramm logo InfiniteCryptoStorage.


I’m from the press/media, who is the best person for me to contact?

You can reach out to our COO Vladimir Yamkovoy Mail logo – for all your press related questions or inquiries.


This video presentation of our product and other related video you can see on our YouTube logo channel.


Only a few years ago, one individual in our current team came up with the idea of creating an easy-to-use and versatile device that can reliably and inexpensively send data from servers, computers and all sorts of equipment to cloud storage systems providing reliable backups for long periods of time.

The engineers saw this idea as revolutionary and accepted the challenge to try and implement such a solution. A year later, the first AcloudA device was built and performed as originally intended.

However progress does not stand still and in the process of the testing device, we realised the need for people to protect their data from viruses and malware programs and securely store backups of their data. So in that moment, the InfiniteCryptoStorage project was born!

I proudly present to you the result of our hard work. As the name suggests, we have created an unlimited encrypted data store and I would like to explain to you the basic principles and differences of our product.

Firstly, versatility and simplicity, InfiniteCryptoStorage is seen by the server, computer or any equipment as a standard hard disk. It can be used regardless of the operating system or software and does not require a complex configuration to get up and running.

Secondly, it’s really unlimited, InfiniteCryptoStorage sends changes in your data directly to the cloud storage, which means that the storage size is limited only by the capabilities of the cloud provider.

Thirdly, encryption, InfiniteCryptoStorage performs real-time encryption during the recording of data and does it completely at the hardware level providing unprecedented protection of your data.

Another addition to InfiniteCryptoStorage using the help of hardware technology is the COW and snapshot functionality, which provides protection from any kind of malware viruses at such a high level that no software antivirus can penetrate.

As an additional bonus for business users, thanks to our device, you can transfer your Capital Expenses for the purchase of expensive equipment for malware protection and hiring expensive specialists to Operating Expenses paying only for the cloud storage space required to store the changes in your data.


Please support our project!

Become a part of it and experience all the advantages of our development at your home or office!

Thank you for your time and interest.

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