Configure K2 SmartForms for AAD Authentication
Posted by Mikhail Rodionov on October 19, 2017

In this blog post, I decided to put this AAD instance to more serious/interesting use and configure K2 SmartForms for AAD authentication. When configured, such AAD integration allows AAD users to log in to K2 SmartForms web sites (Runtime, Designer, Management) and enables K2 to use AAD users as destination users in workflows’ client events or pull users details via Azure Active Directory Service broker and respective SmartObjects.

Microsoft Azure - Azure Active Directory - App registration


Microsoft Introduces Azure’s Availability Zones, Increasing Service Availability
Posted by Augusto Alvarez on October 3, 2017

“Availability Zones” main concept resides on offer fault-isolated locations within an Azure region, which provides redundant power, cooling, networking and any other component related to Azure’s datacenters. The mission for these availability zones is to, of course, provide high availability for workloads running in these datacenters to guarantee resiliency in case of an outage.

Microsoft Azure Region - Scheme - Zones


Azure AD instance set up basic walkthrough
Posted by Mikhail Rodionov on September 14, 2017

This article intended to give basic walkthrough on how to set up an Azure Active Directory instance and demonstrate some simple example of what you can do with it once it has been set up – sort of AAD “show and tell”. I believe a lot of people prefer hands on approach, where you trying to use technology right off the bat, throwing glances at documentation as necessary. This blogpost can be a good starting point for such type of learning journey.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory - Main Menu


Azure Announcing Two Regions in Australia and Azure Site Recovery for US Government Regions
Posted by Augusto Alvarez on August 29, 2017

Microsoft continues leading the pack of cloud providers regarding region locations, just announced two new regions in Australia. But that’s not all, the Government version of Azure announced availability for the Azure Site Recovery and Azure Backup features in all Gov regions in the US.

Australia map - Azure new Regions


Microsoft Released in Public Preview a Customized Azure Service Health Dashboard
Posted by Augusto Alvarez on August 3, 2017

One of the biggest concerns companies and IT users have regarding public cloud is about availability and reliability since organizations cannot control the solutions involved providing the services they are acquiring from their cloud provider. Microsoft is always looking to enhance the cloud perception, and now is taking a customizable approach for the Azure Service Health Dashboard, released recently in public preview.

Microsoft Azure - Dashboard - public preview


[Azure] Backup your SQL Server databases
Posted by Florent Appointaire on July 26, 2017

If you want to backup your databases on SQL Server, but you don’t have storage anymore, or you don’t want to buy new hardware or you want to back up your LAB, you can save them on Azure. To do this, it’s very simple, and you pay only the storage that you use.

Microsoft SQL Server Logo


Microsoft Announced an Improved Azure VPN: Better SLA and 6x Faster
Posted by Augusto Alvarez on July 3, 2017

Scheme On-Premises Network - Azure Virtual Network - WAN - VPN

Every company managing an Azure environment knows that the Virtual Private Network (VPN) between their on-premises environment and the public cloud is crucial to guarantee services availability and performance. Microsoft just announced they are improving significantly their Azure VPN, the now called VPN gateways will have stricter SLA, enhanced security and up to a 6x faster performance.


Generation and Use of Virtual Credit Cards for Registration with Cloud Providers (GCP, AZURE, AWS)
Posted by Veniamin Kireev on June 19, 2017

Anonymity Secured Virtual Credit Card

Anonymity has been a vital issue since the very emergence of the Internet. Though anonymity is not something that was invented with the Internet.

People always resort to it in order to achieve various goals, such as to hide their real names, obtain a more unbiased evaluation of their messages or creations, protect the privacy of people in scientific studies, etc. This issue has gained more attention due to a spread of social networks and online services, which has prompted governments in many countries to adopt laws that both protect anonymity in certain circumstances and require disclosure of personal information, while explicitly forbidding anonymity in other situations.


[Azure Active Directory] Domain Services
Posted by Florent Appointaire on June 12, 2017

Azure Active Directory Domain Services Logo

This new service gives you the possibility to have a domain controller on Azure, managed by Microsoft team. You’ll be able to join computers to the domain.


Microsoft Azure Expanding Regions to Africa
Posted by Augusto Alvarez on May 30, 2017

World Wide Map of Microsoft Azure Services

In the cloud market share, Microsoft continues to take big and important leaps, now with a very innovative approach: Opening Azure Regions in Johannesburg and Cape Town (South Africa), where they will offer Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics 365 services. This region will be #40 in Microsoft Azure, no other cloud provider owns as many regions globally for their services.