Azure Policy Overview
Posted by Nicolas Prigent on May 8, 2020

If you need to create, assign, and manage policies across your organization, you can’t do without Azure Policy. Thanks to this service, you can perform various tasks on your resources and don’t worry about their compatibility with your corporate standards and service level agreements. So use Azure Policy and grow your business!
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Connecting on-premises servers in Azure using Azure ARC (Preview)
Posted by Nicolas Prigent on December 13, 2019

Have you ever wanted to manage your on-prem servers into the Azure console? Then it is now a preview feature released during Microsoft Ignite 2019. You will be able to connect your servers (physical or virtual) into the Azure console, in order to manage them. It means that you will be able to use all the Azure features such as: Azure tags, Azure RBAC, security policies, …

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Deploying Ubuntu VM in Azure with Remote Desktop Access
Posted by Nicolas Prigent on September 10, 2019

When you deploy a new Linux Virtual Machine in Microsoft Azure, you can only connect to using SSH. The reason is Linux Virtual Machines do not support Remote Desktop (RDP) natively. It means that you must allow the 22 port number in the Network Security Group. Sometimes, it can be useful to enable RDP on a Linux Virtual Machine, so in this article, I will explain how to setup a Linux Virtual Machine in Azure with RDP access that you can use for testing purposes.

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Connecting On-Premises Windows Servers to Azure Monitor
Posted by Nicolas Prigent on July 26, 2019

You can extend on-premises deployments of Windows Server to the cloud by using Azure Hybrid Services. Azure Hybrid Services work with Windows Servers in the following configurations:

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How to Add Google as an Identity Provider for B2B Azure Guest User
Posted by Nicolas Prigent on April 10, 2019

Azure AD Business-to-Business can initiate federation with google to allow users to use their own Google accounts to authenticate instead of using Microsoft Accounts.

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