Getting started with MySQL on Amazon RDS
Posted by Mikhail Rodionov on June 21, 2019

I’ve recently started to explore MySQL as a potential backend option for my custom web application pet project. Earlier, I’ve already wrote an article about installing AMP stack on Ubuntu Server, and as a logical next step I decided to explore PaaS option which allows you to get MySQL as a service from Amazon as potentially better option for large scale projects or for those who focusing on building “serverless” architectures on AWS platform. In this little article I will cover basics of Amazon RDS MySQL offering and explain how to create your first MySQL instance and connect to it.


[Azure Automation] Source Control integration with Github
Posted by Florent Appointaire on May 24, 2019

Today I’ll explain a new feature that I discovered last during the PowerShell Saturday User Group in Paris, the integration between Azure Automation and Github. This integration will give you the possibility to have a control on your sources.


How to Setup a Digital Gaming Platform with Steam on Ubuntu
Posted by Karim Buzdar on May 7, 2019

Steam is a software content delivery system developed by Valve. There is some free software available but for the most part, the content delivered is non-free.


What is the difference between VMware ESXi, vCenter vSphere?
Posted by Vladimir Yamkovoy on February 26, 2018

When in the distant 2001 the VMware ESXi hypervisor appeared on the market, a virtual revolution started that began the end of the era of personal computers with the programs installed on them. This event opened a new era in the development of computers and software – client-server technologies and cloud computing technologies.

VMware - ESXi - vCenter - vSphere


How to extract TAR files
Posted by Vladimir Yamkovoy on November 22, 2017

Guide and screenshots below show how you can access .TAR files in Windows 10, if you are using an earlier Windows version, this guide will also be helpful. You should also note that the tool explained here is available free of charge and can also to be used to open other files formats such as .ARG and .RAR files. This tool will also help you to create .tar files on Windows PC.

TAR GZ Logo Box