How to install a custom graphics card to the ESXi guest hypervisor.
Posted by Veniamin Kireev on April 3, 2018

Since version 5.5, VMware has broken something inside, and a normal GTX series video card from Nvidia required a certain understanding HowTo do this (in my case it’s NVIDIA QUADRO K600).

There is an opinion that this is connected with the appearance of a line of video cards GRID from Nvidia, created for virtualization.

In this article, we show you How To install a custom graphics card to the ESXi guest hypervisor.

result - added graphic card


What is the difference between VMware ESXi, vCenter vSphere?
Posted by Vladimir Yamkovoy on February 26, 2018

When in the distant 2001 the VMware ESXi hypervisor appeared on the market, a virtual revolution started that began the end of the era of personal computers with the programs installed on them. This event opened a new era in the development of computers and software – client-server technologies and cloud computing technologies.

VMware - ESXi - vCenter - vSphere


Building a Cluster based on VMware (part I)
Posted by Veniamin Kireev on January 29, 2018

To build a cluster, VMware uses from 2x to 32x ESXi servers that are managed using vCenter. To build a cluster, you also need a shared store. It can be implemented with VMware vSAN or with storage support providing access via Fiber Channel, iSCSI or NFS. The storage stores the virtual machine files that are available to all the cluster hosts at the same time. It is due to the overall storage and independence of the virtual machine from the physical platform that rapid migration/recovery of virtual machines is achieved.

Scheme of VMware vSphere Cluster