Deploy a VMware VM from a template
Posted by Romain Serre on May 11, 2017
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Most of the companies have to install guide to deploy servers with manual or automatic steps. These guides exist to get a consistent server installation across the organization. Thanks to a consistent environment, the management of the infrastructure is easier and the outages are less common.

Because a virtual machine is basically software, it’s easy to clone and redeploy. We can also create a template from a virtual machine and create new VMs from this template. In this way, we can customize the “initial VM” such as update the OS, copy scripts or set the system, make a template and deploy new VMs from this template. All new VMs will get the OS customization. All that remains to be done is to set the specific parameters of the OS such as IP address, computer name or specific scripts to run. So you can automate the VM deployment regarding your server specifications.

Virtual Machines template


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