Create SSHD (solid-state hybrid drive) using AcloudA Step-by-Step Micro Guide


Solid-State Hybrid Drive (SSHD) — is a logical or physical data storage device that combines the technology of data storage on the hard disk (HDD) and in NAND-memory (SSD). As a result, the performance of the drive increases with a large amount of storage spase available. The solid-state memory of the hybrid disk is used as a cache of data stored on the hard disk, which is the most frequently accessed. This improves overall system performance.

There are two main technologies used to implement hybrid drives:

– Systems with two drives

– Hybrid drives

In a system with two drives, there are two physical devices, SSD and HDD installed in one computer, optimization of data placement is performed either manually by the user, or automatically by the OS through the creation of “hybrid” logical devices.

In hybrid drives, SSD and HDD are combined with one microcontroller, and, as a rule, one chassis. The functionality of caching is realized by adding a small amount of flash memory to the hard disk and copying the most frequently used sectors there. Solutions for placement are accepted either by the whole device (self-optimized mode) or by placing the “prompts” by the operating system (host-hinted mode).


  • One SSD (for Hot Data)
  • One AcloudA device (for Cold Data)


1. Open an elevated command prompt and type diskpart.

2. type “list disk” (note the drive number of the SSD).

3. type “select disk n” (n= the drive number found above)

4. type “clean”

5. type “create partition primary size=NNNN” (NNNN= the amount of memory you have in your system. So if you have 6GB’s of RAM, replace NNNN with 6000)

6. type “detail disk” (Note the volume number of the partition that you created in step 5)

7. type “select Volume M” (Replace M with the volume number from the previous step)

8. type “set id=84 override”

9. type “exit”


We created SSHD using one SSD and one AcloudA device instead ordinary HDD.


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