How to create VMware vSAN using AcloudA


VMware Virtual SAN (vSAN) – a convergent solution allows you to create an infrastructure from typical blocks that combine several functions at once (for example, calculation, storage). Management of such an infrastructure is carried out through a single interface, and scaling – through the addition of the next block.


  • AcloudA device
  • All works done on VMware versions 6.5
  • You must have 2 ESXi Servers and VMware vCenter Server. In that case I used VMware vCenter Server Appliance.
  • For the building Hybrid Storage you should have a least 1 SSD and 1 HDD on eatch hosts.
  • Configuration vSAN with AcloudA is performed in the normal mode, so as if we were working with HDD.
  • We use AcloudA as a substitute HDD.


Configure cluster storage with a cache for VMware


1. Connect AcloudA and configure it according to the installation instructions.

2. Open vCenter, create a cluster, add hosts with Icloud.

3. Select the created cluster and go to the tab Configure/General(vSAN)/Configure…

How to create VMware vSAN using AcloudA

4. In the running wizard, in the 3rd step, we mark flash drives as Cache tier and AcloudA as Capacity tier.

How to create VMware vSAN using AcloudA

5. Finally, click Next and finish the wizard. The connection is complete, you can start using the vSAN media.

6. In the end, we should see something like this:

How to create VMware vSAN using AcloudA

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