Connecting AcloudA to ESXi Step-by-Step Micro Guide


VMware ESXi — is a specialized hardware hypervisor, installed directly on the physical server and splits it into several logical servers, called virtual machines.

If we take into account the fact that our device for any computer or server after configuration “Quick Start Guide (SATA)” or “Quick Start Guide (USB)” is a normal hard disk, then the further configuration will look like the usual setting for a conventional hard disk.


  • AcloudA device
  • Windows Server 2012


1. Connect the board according to the instructions for connecting to the PC

2. Go to ESXi

3. Go to Storage

4. Select a new disk with a descriptive corresponding target to which the board is connected

5. Click “New datastore” and use the constructor to finish the initialization

Connection AcloudA to ESXi


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