Install updates in WIM files to accelerate OS deployment
Posted by Romain Serre on December 27, 2017

When I deployed Bare-Metal servers, I always lose time because of updates. In part of my job, I deploy a lot of physical servers, especially for Microsoft hyperconverged solution. When I install this kind of solution, I have to implement between three to sixteen servers at the same time. The cumulative update installation in Windows Server takes almost 30 minutes. If the servers are not installed at the same time, you can lose a lot of time. This is worst when you install physical servers with a tool like MDT and PXE. You have to copy 1GB in each server and then wait to install it.

To save time, now when I’m deploying physical servers, I update the install.wim file. In this way, the OS is installed with latest updates. In this topic, we’ll see how to update images in WIM files.

Microsoft Update Catalog - Windows Server 2016


Deploying the Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS)
Posted by Nicolas Prigent on June 26, 2017

Local Administrator Password Solution - Logo

Microsoft is offering the Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS) that provides a solution to the issue of using a common local account with an identical password on every computer in a domain. LAPS resolves this issue by setting a different, random password for the common local administrator account on every computer in the domain. Domain administrators using the solution can determine which users, such as helpdesk administrators, are authorized to read passwords.

LAPS allows you to manage local administrator account passwords on domain-joined computers so that passwords are unique on each managed computer, randomly generated, and centrally stored in Active Directory infrastructure.


[Azure Active Directory] Domain Services
Posted by Florent Appointaire on June 12, 2017

Azure Active Directory Domain Services Logo

This new service gives you the possibility to have a domain controller on Azure, managed by Microsoft team. You’ll be able to join computers to the domain.


5 SCCM Tools Every Sysadmin Should Know
Posted by Nicolas Prigent on May 17, 2017

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager

Knowing the right tool to the right job is something that can save you hours of extra work and tedium. In this article, I will compile a list of useful System Center Configuration Manager tools for troubleshooting and automate your SCCM infrastructure. If these tools are not released by Microsoft, then it means they are developed by the community. For any assistance, you must send a request to developers. All the tools listed below have been tested on SCCM 1610 version and they are free!