Microsoft is Looking for your VMware Workloads, Announcing Azure Migrate

Posted by Augusto Alvarez on November 27, 2017
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We won’t be telling you anything new if we are talking about Microsoft looking to take away VMware resources to the cloud, and now they are including a new product to facilitate the VMware workloads to the MS cloud: Azure Migrate.

Microsoft Azure Migrate - Tool Sheme

Microsoft Azure Migrate is a free tool, launching Nov. 27th, that will make it easy for VMware customers to bring their applications to the cloud. The tool itself will provide the following main features:

  • Discovery: It will assess your environment and discover all the virtual machines in the network.
  • Interdependencies: In this assessment, Azure Migrate will create a VM map with the interdependencies associated with other applications and workloads.
  • Sizing: Right-sizing is the term Microsoft uses for the VMs in order to place them in Azure efficiently. Microsoft mentions there’s up to 84% reduction in total cost ownership (TCO) for workloads that are migrated from VMware to Azure.
  • Mitigate: Azure Migrate will also provide some valuable information around virtual machines that might not be suited for cloud/Azure and how to mitigate these challenges to accomplish a migration.

To get access to the TCO report for VMware vs Azure, access this link.

VMware vs Azure - Comparison Table

Even before, when public clouds had little to no acceptance between organizations, Microsoft has been trying to take VMware market share around the virtualization market. The reason was simple, Microsoft appeared in the hypervisor industry several years later than VMware; for years Hyper-V was very comfortably in 2nd place against the ESX/ESXi and vSphere platforms.

With the public cloud industry taking the spotlight for most of IT technologies, Microsoft stopped focusing their fight on moving VMware resources to Hyper-V but prioritizing Azure consumption. For these efforts, we’ve visited some of the existing features Microsoft is offering: Azure Site Recovery Deployment Planner for VMware and Azure Backup supporting VMware virtual machines

Microsoft Azure Site Recovery Deployment Planner - Recommendations for VMware to Azure

VMware decided to move away from offering their own public cloud when vCloud Air was discontinued earlier this year, moving their offer to “VMware Cloud on AWS”. Even though AWS still has a larger market than Azure, VMware customers still know that if they want to move to a public cloud provider, they will have to look for a different vendor than VMware.


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