Microsoft Announced an Improved Azure VPN: Better SLA and 6x Faster

Posted by Augusto Alvarez on July 3, 2017
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Every company managing an Azure environment knows that the Virtual Private Network (VPN) between their on-premises environment and the public cloud is crucial to guarantee services availability and performance. Microsoft just announced they are improving significantly their Azure VPN, the now called VPN gateways will have stricter SLA, enhanced security and up to a 6x faster performance.

 Scheme On-Premises Network - Azure Virtual Network - WAN - VPN

With a recent survey saying that Microsoft Azure is the preferred cloud provider in the Enterprise space, empowers the fact that customers are relying more and more on Microsoft to support their mission critical workloads and services. Without a reliable VPN service, those workloads could be compromised. The new VPN gateways developed by Microsoft, named VpnGw1, VpnGw2, and VpnGw3, intend to guarantee security and performance between the on-prem and cloud environments.

Regarding the performance improvements, the new generation of Azure VPN Gateways provides single tunnel performance of up to 1 Gbps and aggregate up to 1.25 Gbps with multiple tunnels improving access to VNets either from your premises or for cross-region VNet-to-VNet connectivity.

 Scheme VNet-to-Vnet connection - S2S VPN connection

Offering the same price as the old VPN, besides the fact that is 6x faster, the other important improvements in this updated feature are:

  1. Stricter SLA, going from 99.9% from the Basic to 99.95% with the new VPN gateways. Here’s a basic rule to understand how much actually impacts on the service availability:

The 99.9% SLA, for the Basic VPN, allows a service downtime of 43 minutes per month.

The 99.95% SLA for the new VPN gateways, allows a service downtime of 21 minutes per month.

  1. Improved security by providing IPsec/IKE policy selection, giving more alternatives for encryption policies.


  1. The new gateways will support route-based and policy-based VPN. The new VPN gateways allow multiple sites using policy-based VPNs to connect to the same VPN gateway.

 Even more, with the new VPN gateways in place, Microsoft highly recommends not using Basic VPN for production environments.

Here’s a table summarizing for each VPN type, the expected performance, SLA, and costs:

Table for VPN type, performance, SLA and Costs


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