Big Data and Machine Learning: Introducing Cortana Intelligence Solution Templates to Accelerate Adoption

Posted by Augusto Alvarez on May 3, 2017
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Microsoft recently announced, related about the major announcements that came from the Data Amp event, that the Cortana Intelligent Solution will include new and important components to facilitate companies’ adoption: Cortana Intelligence Solution Templates.

Manufacturing Assembly Line - Insights and Actions

There’s no surprise if we say that Microsoft is making large investments on generating innovation and new offers related to the Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Those topics represent a market trend for most markets.

The Cortana Intelligence Suite Services are the Microsoft response to offer customers with a variety of services to easily convert your data into intelligent action, including advanced analytics and powerful visualization options among other capabilities.

Cortana Intelligence Suite Services view

Cortana Intelligence Solution Templates
give customers the possibility within a few clicks to conceive and implement their big data, machine learning, and analytics projects. The Analytics team on each company can easily prototype and deploy Azure solutions using best-practice design patterns within minutes, as the example shown above of the Manufacturing Assembly Line.

Microsoft released the initial three templates for organizations start adopting their services in four common areas where Big Data and Machine Learning can be applied. These templates come from real-world customer examples:

Big Data and Machine Learning Templates

  • Personalized Offers: This template lets organizations improve customer experience and maximize your customers’ basket size through relevant targeted offers. Marketing professionals can predict and deliver the best performing offer based on customers’ unique profiles.
  • Demand Forecasting & Price Optimization: This template allows companies to ensure product availability and maximizes profits through intelligent demand forecasting. Customers can predict the volume of sales for a given time period and also model its sensitivity under various scenarios.

    Data Factory: Move data, orchestrate, schedule and monitor
  • Quality Assurance: This template allows organizations to minimize wastage and improve quality by predicting production line failures before they happen. Customers can correlate problems with their underlying operating conditions and determine the factors that contribute to operational or product problems.

Data Analytics Pipeline using Azure Steam Analytics

  • Campaign Optimization For Marketing: This solution demonstrates how to build and deploy a machine learning model with SQL Server 2016 with R Services to recommend actions to maximize the purchase rate of leads targeted by a campaign

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