Azure Announcing Two Regions in Australia and Azure Site Recovery for US Government Regions

Posted by Augusto Alvarez on August 29, 2017

Microsoft continues leading the pack of cloud providers regarding region locations, just announced two new regions in Australia. But that’s not all, the Government version of Azure announced availability for the Azure Site Recovery and Azure Backup features in all Gov regions in the US.

Australia map - Azure new Regions

New Regions in Australia

Microsoft just announced for the first half of 2018 the availability of two more regions in Australia: Australia Central and Australia Central 2. With these two additions Microsoft is getting up to 42 regions globally, a larger number than the other two major cloud providers available today: AWS and Google.

The services to be provided within these two regions will include machine learning, IoT, cybersecurity, and data management. The security topic has become a very important matter in this country, and Microsoft is confirming they’ve achieved the necessary regulations for handling unclassified data as well as protected data.

James Kavanagh (left), Microsoft Azure Engineering Lead for Australia, and Greg Boorer (right) Co-Founder and CEO of Canberra Data Centers.

James Kavanagh (left), Microsoft Azure Engineering Lead for Australia, and Greg Boorer (right) Co-Founder and CEO of Canberra Data Centers.

In this security compliance topic, Microsoft has been working with Canberra Data Centers (CDC) to ensure its regions can manage these protected workloads. The latter company specializes in managing secure data for the Australian government agencies.

Azure Back and Azure Site Recovery for US Government

Speaking of government agencies, Microsoft also announced the availability of Azure Site Recovery (ASR) and Azure Backup to all government regions in the US: US DOD Central, US DOD East, US Gov Arizona, US Gov Texas, US Gov Iowa and US Gov Virginia.

As a reminder, Azure Government represents an isolated version of Azure dedicated to these agencies, where most of the Azure features are available under strict compliance rules. Some of these specific security standards are SO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27018, FedRAMP, and SOC 1 and SOC 2.

Microsoft Azure Government - Logo Picture

The term “Azure version” is key, since not all features are available and some of those are different from the public version of Azure.

Azure Site Recovery is one of the most appealing features available currently in Azure for new customers since it provides capabilities to recover VMs or even physical machines in on-premises environments into Azure. For those customers that don’t want or are able to have workloads in the cloud, even on a disaster scenario, it can also provide the option to let Azure orchestrate the failover/failback between two on-premises location; hence you don’t need a third datacenter acting as a “witness”.


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