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Posted by Vladimir Yamkovoy on April 26, 2018
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Hello everybody, who were reading us this 15 months.

AcloudA hardware Gateway to Cloud Data Storage

Unfortunately, we have to close our project, our site, and our blog, because of little interest to our innovative solution in cloud data storage and because we don’t see the good and prospective future in this kind of hardware gateway.

For now, at least (

One more time we want to say Big Thanks to people who supported us all this time and give us feedback on our work, our hardware hard-work.

And of course, we have some hope, if the market will need our solution, we come back and give that to people – to all who will need that innovation solution in the future!

But, not now (

Best regards,

Vladimir Yamkovoy

COO of AcloudA project

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Vladimir Yamkovoy is a Chief Operating Officer of AcloudA project. He has 15 years of experience in production and IT management, ISO and control systems implementation, industrial design.

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