AcloudA Appliance in case of Physical Stole of Servers Use Case


Thieves have existed long before the advent of computers and the term “information security”. However, with the proliferation of digital technology and their widespread introduction into everyday life, this problem has acquired a new face.

Thieves are now hackers infiltrating private computers and information infrastructures of enterprises and organizations with the aim of substituting, removing and stealing confidential and sensitive information.

Countless articles and security guides have been written and programmers around the world are doing a tremendous job in preventing and minimizing such attacks.


Imagine a scenario where thieves cannot penetrate your infrastructure through holes in your firewall or gain access to your confidential information by using a virus or malicious program but can physically steal your computers or servers containing your confidential information.

For such physical data theft, security programs or guides on protecting your information from hackers cannot help you. You simply lose physical access to the systems containing your data. You might have the foresight to keep a copy of your data so you don’t potentially lose years of work, which is great.

However, even in this case, the hackers can make large profits by selling your data or simply possessing valuable and confidential information they can leverage against you which can cause irreparable damage to your business.

How do you protect the information infrastructure of an enterprise or organization from this kind of threat? How can you safeguard against the physical theft of your important information?


Thieves physically steal servers or computers


AcloudA offers a solution that can make it impossible to obtain the information by physically stealing computers or servers from an organization’s information infrastructure.
Rather than storing valuable and confidential information directly on computers and servers in your organization’s premises; our device gives you the ability to maintain the data in a remote or cloud storage.Upon the theft of physical equipment, the connection between

Upon the theft of physical equipment, the connection between our device and the remote storage location is broken. The thieves receive nothing but hardware equipment with no data and it is no longer possible to connect to the remote storage after disconnection.

Additionally, the need to upgrade hardware to accommodate for increased storage space requirements is now a problem of the past. You simply change your cloud/remote storage plan to one with a larger storage capacity.

AcloudA’s entirely new approach to data security effectively reduces the probability of a physical intrusion to zero. The concept is so simple and effective; even if the hacker obtains full control of the device itself, the data is encrypted and the keys are stored on the main infrastructure. They cannot access the keys or intercept data transmissions. Put simply, they physically cannot go any further.


We offer a solution for everyone from individuals and small companies to large organizations and manufacturers who want to protect their data from the theft or seizure of hardware containing valuable information. As a bonus, you get a simple and reliable way to manage your organization’s infrastructure which also allows for simple and cost effective storage expansion when you need it.


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