AcloudA Appliance for Equipment Use Case


Progress in the development and implementation of new software continues, as an increasing amount of new accounting and statistical software is constantly under development. The work that these programs carry-out is frequently tied to the use of data (obtained from various kinds of devices, machines, and mechanisms) which are located and stored in server (internal or remote) or cloud storage.


But what if the equipment, in terms of its hardware or software, cannot be connected to an internal or external server or cloud storage? The replacement of equipment entails a huge financial expense, but failing to use the latest technology in accounting may cause you to lag behind your competitors in the industry.

Technically-updating, modernizing, and improving production machines and mechanisms, medical equipment, industrial machines and units, agricultural machinery, equipment for the chemical and food industries, as well as other specialized equipment, is quite complex, very expensive, and does not always provide the client with great flexibility in variable characteristics.


AcloudA offers a solution that allows you to quickly, easily and, cheaply upgrade any of your equipment (which include a regular HDD or an SATA connector) and, with it, send all data to your internal or remote server, or even to any cloud storage, for further processing, storage, and backup. Our solution does not require the user to review and change the structure of the whole enterprise as a whole or make any large capital expenditures, but simply to install our device, instead of the hard drive, inside any of your equipment, machines, or units and connect it to the local network, initially turning to internal, remote or cloud storage. And that’s all! Next, you simply configure the operation of your accounting systems, accounting programs, or statistical programs wherever the data from the equipment will be recorded.

AcloudA Appliance for Equipment

AcloudA provide ability to use cloud or remote data storage

And, if there is a need to increase the space required for storing data in the future, you will not need to purchase any new equipment, as you may simply switch to another payment plan (one that includes a large prepaid storage space (for cloud storage).

In addition to the aforementioned aspects of our product, AcloudA has a completely new approach to data security, so simple and effective that it literally leaves 0% chance of any intrusion, leaving only the possibility to track data from the cloud back to AcloudA. As long as the data is encrypted and the keys are stored in the main infrastructure, no one will be able to pick up keys or intercept any real data, as, even if the hacker gets full control over the device itself, there is no way to physically proceed any further.


We offer a solution for everyone, ranging from small companies to large organizations and manufacturers, that allows you to cheaply and efficiently upgrade your equipment in order to store and use your data on internal or external servers, as well as in cloud storage, even if it was not originally a feature of the equipment or has not been possible through equipment’s software. Users need only to have a standard HDD or SATA connector for connecting AcloudA and we will take care of the rest!


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