AcloudA Appliance for Backup Use Case


Recently, problems with the cheapening of the long-term storage of large volumes of rarely or very-rarely used data, including long-term backup, huge archives of old works and developments, and old databases, have become especially acute. On one hand, these data are important, since it may be necessary to open old documents or to get some parts from archive backups. But, on the other hand, in the long term, these data are not needed right now and can occupy significant disk-space in the server-structure operating at a given enterprise or organization, a problem that can lead to  expensive financial and resource costs for upgrading an old or purchasing a new, more-expensive, server to store ever-larger volumes of accumulated data.


For any company or organization wishing to work efficiently and to have its data safely-secured, it is extremely important to keep its information-infrastructure running smoothly, and quickly and efficiently expand server capacities and the amount of space required for storing new information (or important old archives) in the short-term.

It is necessary to do this without a long-term shutdown of all (or, in some cases, even parts) of the internal information-infrastructure. In addition, for more reliable storage of important data, archives, and databases, the company must follow the rule regarding the backing-up of data (according to rule 3-2-1, which states that there should be 3 copies of the data in 2 different formats, with one in a remote place), which means that the company must either independently create remote servers for storing its data and make backup copies (which is very expensive for small and medium-sized companies and organizations) or use cloud-services to backup data.

The latter, however, can not always be realized, due to outdated equipment or software, features or limitations of the software itself, or a lack in functionality or options within the existing infrastructure of the enterprise or organization. The desire of management to ensure the storage of backup copies on a remote cloud-service can entail huge financial costs and may include months of purchasing and installing equipment, commissioning and testing the devices, launching and monitoring the operation of new systems, and, often, bringing in expensive specialists to solve complex problems.

In addition to aforementioned issues, there is another important factor – the total, sometimes significant, cost of data-storage in the case of the deployment of cloud services, a larger factor, in the case of building new servers and / or attracting highly paid specialists, and a very-large factor, in terms of the infrastructure an enterprise or organization needs, which can include buying servers and specialized software.

But how can you do it all without the involvement of expensive specialists? Without buying new servers? How can you do it quickly, without hindering the work of your business or organization? And, most importantly, how can you do it cheaply and without capital investment?


AcloudA offers a solution that will allow you to forget about paying expensive specialists, buying new servers to store more archival information, making huge capital investments in order to expand the space required for storing information, or changing the internal information-infrastructure required for following the rules of storing backup copies of important information.

AcloudA Appliance for BackUp

AcloudA provide ability to send backup directly to cloud or remote data storage

All you need is to install one (or several, in order to ensure greater fault-tolerance for the entire system) of our devices, rather than (or parallel with HDD) connect it to the local network, and initially configure it. And that’s all! Next, you simply configure the operation of your system by having a remote or cloud storage for your data as a regular HDD.

And, if there is a future need to increase the space required for storing data, you will not have to purchase any additional equipment, but simply to switch to another payment plan, one that includes a large prepaid storage space.

In addition to the aforementioned aspects of our platform, AcloudA offers a completely new approach to data security, so simple and effective that it literally leaves 0% chance of any intrusion, leaving only the possibility to track data from the cloud back to AcloudA. As long as the data is encrypted and the keys are stored in the main infrastructure, no one will be able to pick-up keys or intercept any real data as, even if the hacker gets full control over the device itself, there is no way to physically proceed any further.


We offer a solution for everyone, ranging from individuals and small companies to huge organizations and manufacturers, that allows you to store your data cheaply and efficiently on any device that hosts an HDD or SATA, as well as have a reliable and fast scale-storage option, without needing big CAPEX in your data storage projects or to hire highly-paid specialists.


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